Kudzu Baby Lima Beans: frozen baby lima beans by the pound, an easy vegetable for your entrée 

Kudzu Brie Stuffed Chicken: chicken breasts stuffed with apples and brie, coated in a thin layer of bread crumbs for a nice crust. 

Kudzu Cheese Biscuit: A delicious mouthwatering sensation, they are the perfect combination of melted butter and cheese, held together by a bit of flour. Hand made every morning and par baked, so you have that fresh out of the oven feeling every time you bake them!

Kudzu Cheese Wafers: From our freezer to your oven, delicious just like your grandmother used to make. Just slice and bake at home and no one will ever know your shortcut!!

Kudzu Chicken Pot Pie (small and large): a concoction of shredded chicken, lima beans, carrots, corn, leek and potato cream soup, and multiple seasonings in a folded-over, buttery crust. 

Kudzu Cinnamon Roll Breakfast Bake*: a perfect blend of our homemade gooey cinnamon rolls, eggs, cream, and seasonings, covered with a delicious caramel crumble.

Kudzu Franks in a Blanket: the classic pigs in a blanket but better! Juicy frank's covered in a crispy flaky pastry. 

Kudzu Plain Grits: white creamy grits that melt in your mouth; made with butter, cream and spices you need. 

Kudzu Grits with Sausage and Cheese: our savory stoneground grits layered with sausage crumbles and seasonings, topped with a small amount of green onion for the extra flavor.

Kudzu Grits with Tomatoes and Cheese: our yellow stoneground grits topped with tomato chunks and cubes of white cheddar cheese to create a wonderful blend in your mouth.

Kudzu Ham and Onion Quiche: an egg-based delicacy that includes cooked onions, diced ham, and plenty of cheese, sprinkled with a variety of seasonings and baked in our flaky pie shells.

Kudzu Haricot Verts French Green Beans: frozen thin green beans, packaged by the pound 

Kudzu Macaroni and Cheese (small and large): a heavenly mix of ooey gooey shredded cheese and penne pasta noodles, saturated with a cream mixture and topped with bread crumbs.

Kudzu Parisian Carrots: frozen spherical-grown carrots, sold by the pound

Kudzu Petit Pois Green Peas: frozen green peas by the pound

Kudzu Potato Gratin: finely sliced layers of potato mixed with cream, butter, and spices; served in individual pieces.

Kudzu Seafood Quiche: an egg-based delight that includes fresh shrimp, onion, and Swiss cheese, topped with heavy cream and seasonings.

Kudzu Shrimp and Corn Pie:* made with McClellanville shrimp and fresh corn, topped with Swiss cheese, heavy cream and seasonings.

Kudzu Southern Breakfast Bake: our top-selling breakfast item made with layers of our homemade stone ground grits, sausage crumbles, mass amounts of cheddar cheese, covered by a cream and egg mixture, and seasoned to perfection.

Kudzu Spinach and Mushroom Quiche: an egg-based specialty that includes fresh spinach, slices of cooked mushrooms, parmesan cheese, and a variety of seasonings. One of our favorites!

Kudzu Tomato Pie:* a delicious combination of three layers of mixed cheeses and ripe tomatoes, baked in our homemade pie crust.



K&Kco: Chicken BBQ (Thursday- Saturday): our homestyle chopped chicken barbecue is combined with a special combination of a little red and a little yellow BBQ sauces and sold by the pound. Perfect for a Saturday night cookout!

K&Kco: Taco Pie: a serious blend of ground beef, corn, black beans, salsa, cheddar cheese, white cheddar cheese, and several spices to create a fiesta in your mouth.

K&Kco: Classic Chicken Salad: made with shredded chicken, fresh celery, mayonnaise, and spices and served by the pound.




Beef & Italian Sausage Lasagna:​ ​Sky-high layers of Semolina pasta, house-made Bolognese sauce, and a decadent mixture of rich ricotta, fresh mozzarella and wood-aged Parmesan cheeses; covered completely with freshly grated mozzarella, parmesan, and aromatic flakes of parsley.

Black Bean & Spinach Enchiladas (Gluten-Free and Vegetarian): ​S​oft corn tortillas stuffed with a mixture of healthy spinach, black beans, cream cheese, and seasoned with our subtle Mexican spices. Smothered in our Signature Ladyfingers’ Enchilada Sauce and aged cheddar. A great entree for those in need of a meatless alternative.

Buffalo Chicken Dip: Ingredients include shredded chicken breast, cream cheese, hot sauce, cheddar cheese, and a top secret mix of seasonings.

Cheddar Pecan Wafers (Vegetarian): A lightly spiced, crispy rice cereal and sharp cheddar wafer with a hint of cayenne pepper finished with a toasted pecan half.

Chicken Enchiladas:​ ​Soft flour tortillas loaded with a combination of roasted, pulled chicken breast, fresh jalapeños, pimientos, cilantro, cream cheese and a unique blend of Southwestern spices. Smothered in our Signature Ladyfingers’ Enchilada Sauce and covered with aged cheddar cheese.

Chicken & Rice Casserole: ​Our take on an old classic. ​Prestige Farms’​ chicken, steamed white rice, slivered almonds, celery and onion, mixed in with both our homemade chicken stock and cream of chicken soup. Crowned with a thin layer of fresh panko and aged cheddar, this comfort food staple appeals to all ages.

Chicken Parmesan: Boneless skinless chicken breasts breaded in seasoned panko breadcrumbs, and pan fried; then topped with our signature marina sauce and mozzarella cheese. Finished with Italian herbs and served over linguine.

Cinnamon Pecan Sweet Rolls (Vegetarian): Fresh yeast rolls layered with a sticky brown sugar butter, pecan mixture, topped with a smooth decadent cream cheese frosting.

Hot Tuscan Dip (Gluten Free): Spinach, roasted tomatoes, and artichoke hearts tossed with Parmesan cheese, Mozzarella cheese, and cream. Serve with pita chips, crackers, or a fresh baguette.

Jalapeno Popper Chicken Dip: This dish is the perfect combination of creamy shredded chicken, diced jalapenos, cream cheese, cheddar cheese, and crispy bacon. Its a long time favorite at Ladyfingers for a reason!

Ladyfingers’ Family of Soups: ​All made from scratch and filled with the finest and freshest ingredients. Our ​Tomato Bisque (GF)​ has already proved to be a favorite of many .....now adding to the line-up are these other delicious soups: ​Chicken and Rice (GF), Garden Vegetable (GF/Veg), Asparagus, and Butternut Squash.​ These will offer warmth and comfort in every cup or bowl.

Ladyfingers' Quiche: All “small batch” made assuring you the perfect blend of cream, cheese, and eggs. A great addition to any breakfast. The Bacon Quiche is made with the perfect blend of shredded sharp cheddar cheese, diced bacon, cream, eggs and top secret seasoning to add a bit of tang. The Spinach & Feta Quiche has the perfect balance of feta cheese, spinach, diced onion, top secret seasonings and a swirl of cream.

Ladyfingers’ Signature Country Ham Rolls:​ ​Ladyfingers’ signature item. Straight from Johnston County, NC, our country ham is cured to perfection before we trim, slice, and hand-shave it. Drizzled with a secret brown sugar butter glaze, and stuffed into a soft and delicious yeast roll, Ladyfingers’ Ham Rolls are the perfect marriage of sweet and savory that will leave you wanting more every time.

Poppy Seed Chicken: ​Shredded chicken breasts layered with a white crème of chicken sauce served over fluffy Basmati Rice and topped with roasted poppy seeds and buttery crackers.

Sausage Cowboy Queso DipThe perfect blend of diced tomatoes with green chili's, white American cheese, lite beer, diced red onion, and pepper jack cheese. Yum!

Shrimp, Sausage & Chicken Creole (Gluten Free):​ ​Whole-roasted, pulled ​Prestige Farms’ Chicken breast, sautéed kielbasa sausage, and shrimp, all paired with the Bayou’s “holy trinity” of sweet peppers, onions, and celery; just the right amount of kick with our special blend of Cajun spices and tomato broth, then tied together in an all-day simmer, low and slow. Our #1 seller.